Conditions for Hire

Rural Roosts, Manor Farm Holiday Lodges, Stainfield, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire LN8 5JJ


  1. The property is hired strictly on the basis that it is for accommodation use only by the hirer. The hirer must ensure that the property is fully vacated by 10am on the last day of the booking, failing which the hirer will be liable for any costs or damages incurred for late vacation of the property.
  2. No contract shall exist until a signed booking form and deposit per week of £100.00 has been received by us. Reservations will be held for up to seven days pending receipt of a booking form, and payment of the deposit.
  3. Payment is only accepted by credit card or BACS (bank transfer) to our bank account, or sterling cheque (made payable to Rural Roosts)– bank details will be supplied upon request. Guests paying deposit and balance by BACs or cheque must give credit/debit card details when paying final balance to hold as a security deposit.
  4. The full balance of the total amount is payable no later than four weeks prior to arrival, and if not paid, we reserve the right to cancel the booking or claim payment in full under paragraph 5.
  5. In the event of a cancellation the hirer must advise us immediately, whereupon we will, without prejudice to our rights to the balance in full, use our best endeavours to re-hire. If re-hiring is possible the deposit less our administrative cost, will be returned. To avoid cancellation losses, we advise hirers to take out holiday cancellation insurance.
  6. Covid-19  For any booking which cannot be carried out due to government national or local restrictions, we can offer to either move holiday dates forward*, offer a credit voucher or offer a full refund *price may vary as to the time of year.
  7. Hirings, unless otherwise agreed beforehand, are on a short break or weekly basis (starting on a Monday or a Friday) and commence from 3pm on the day of arrival to 10am on the day of departure.
  8. The number of people allowed to occupy the property is limited to the number of beds provided. The amount of people due to stay in the lodge must be stated on the booking form.  If you wish to have guests visiting for the day this must be agreed prior to your stay.  Please contact us with details.
  9. The hirer is expected to leave the lodge in the same good condition as on arrival and will be responsible for the cost of replacing any loss, damage or breakages. The hirer is also liable for the cost of any damage to the property or loss or damage to any of the contents.
  10. We reserve the right at all times to enter the property, inspect and carry out necessary repairs. We are entitled to refuse to hand over to you, or repossess the accommodation if we reasonably believe that damage is likely to be caused / has been caused – this circumstance will be treated as a cancellation by you, the hirer.
  11. The hirer must ensure that only reasonable amounts of electricity, gas and water are consumed.
  12. The hirer must not carry out any hazardous or other activity in, or around the property, of which any policy in our insurance may become void or voidable, or as a result of which the rate of premium on any such policy could be increased.
  13. Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under 18 years of age. Large group bookings must notify us prior to booking, we reserve the right to refuse a booking (damage deposits may be required).
  14. We reserve the right to terminate the agreement/booking without refund of money if the behaviour of any guest is considered unacceptable, or if the number of occupants exceeds that stated at the time of booking.
  15. PLEASE NOTE : The lodges all have a NO SMOKING policy

***We reserve the right to amend any of these terms & conditions at any time***


This must be approved and paid for at time of booking.

  1. When outside at Rural Roosts or on the Manor Farm premises, dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
  2. Dogs must not be allowed on furniture / beds – the hirer will be responsible for any damage or cost due to necessary additional cleaning caused by unsociable dog behaviour.
  3. Dogs must not be left in the lodges unattended at any time.
  4. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after theirs dogs and using the relevant dog waste bins on site.

***We reserve the right to amend any of these terms & conditions at any time***


HOT TUB USE (Swan Lodge, Badger Lodge, Little Owl Lodge)

You and your party are reminded that you are responsible for your own safety whilst using the hot-tub. All reasonable care must be taken and all rules/conditions of hire must be obeyed. Failure to observe these rules may result in the hot-tub being closed immediately for safety reasons. Every effort will be made to keep the hot-tub open at all times however, as it takes time to change and reheat the water there may be occasion when it has to be closed due to maintenance.

  1. Any guests with health concerns MUST consult their GP before using our hot-tubs. Particularly persons suffering from diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cardiovascular conditions, low/high blood pressure, circulatory problems and so on.
  2. Any guests using medication MUST consult their GP before using our hot-tubs, particularly medicines that are likely to cause drowsiness, affect heart rate, circulation or blood pressure.
  3. Guests taking medication that can cause drowsiness (such as tranquillisers, anti-coagulants, anti-histamines and so on) MUST NOT use our hot-tubs.
  4. Pregnant women are advised not to use hot-tubs for their own safety as well as that of their baby.
  5. Any guest using our hot-tubs with conditions mentioned in terms 1-4 does so at their own risk. Rural Roosts will NOT accept any liability for any illness or injury sustained during use against this advice. If in any doubt, guests should consult their GP prior to use.
  6. Children using the hot-tub must be over 10 years of age and supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  8. Please be aware that the decking surrounding the hot-tubs can become slippery when wet, due care and attention is advised. Rural Roosts will accept no liability for any slips, trips or falls due to the aforementioned conditions. Also, please do not jump into or out of the hot-tub.
  9. Guests MUST NOT eat, smoke or consume alcohol whilst in the hot-tub.
  10. Guests MUST NOT use glass in or around the hot-tub; plastic, shatterproof glasses are provided should you wish a drink outside.
  11. Do NOT use any electrical equipment in or around the hot-tub, including mobile telephones. An exclusion zone of five feet is advised.
  12. Before use, please carefully remove the hot-tub cover and replace it after use as per instructions provided in your cabin.
  13. Guests using hot-tubs MUST bathe or shower prior to use. This prevents any foreign particles or chemicals (such as deodorants or body lotions) entering the hot-tub that could upset the water chemistry. Guests also agree to ensure that NO foreign materials enter the hot-tub (such as grass and soil); this ensures that the hot-tub will be enjoyable and achieve maximum performance.
  14. The hot-tubs are preset to the optimal temperature of 37°C. Guests may find that this fluctuates slightly during periods of very warm/cold weather. Should the temperature rise above 37.5°C it is recommended that guests do not spend more than 15mins in the hot-tub at any one time.
  15. Guests MUST ALWAYS check the water temperature prior to using the hot-tubs, especially when children are in the party. Chemical checks and water maintenance will be carried out daily during your stay by a member of the Rural Roosts team.
  16. Guests MUST NOT allow the hot-tub water level to fall to an inch above the uppermost jets; this can damage the pump. If there is cause for concern, please contact a member of staff on the telephone numbers provided.
  17. Please do not over load the hot-tub; this may cause damage for which guests would be liable. Maximum occupancy is two people for Swan Lodge hot-tub, four people in Badger Lodge hot tub and four people in Little Owl Lodge hot tub. Only guests booked into these lodges can use the hot tub at their lodge (ie no guests from other lodges or invited guests).
  18. Any damage cause by misuse or non-compliance with the conditions of hire WILL BE PAID FOR BY THE BOOKING FORM SIGNATORY.
  19. Guests will read and abide by these conditions and those stated in the “Instructions for Hot-Tub Use” provided in their cabin. If anything is unclear or there is cause for concern, guests should contact a member of the Rural Roosts team immediately on the numbers provided.
  20. The BOOKING FORM SIGNATORY agrees to indemnify Rural Roosts from all liabilities incurred whilst using our hot-tubs during their stay.

***We reserve the right to amend any of these terms & conditions at any time***