Cool Sheep Farming Holidays!

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This week at Rural Roosts, we have been shearing the sheep to keep them cool during the warm summer months. You can come and watch if you are staying in our lodges for a farming holiday.

It’s hard, back-breaking work but it’s worth it to see the sheep looking much more comfortable whilst grazing in the sunny fields.  It took two professional sheep-shearers approximately 4 hours to shear 150 of our sheep.

Sheep shearing is done for three main reasons: to collect sheep’s wool for sale, but more importantly to relieve the sheep of heavy wool which may cause them to overheat in summer and to prevent them from being attacked by egg-laying flies. On a happier note, in some parts of the world, sheep shearing is even considered a sport!

We sell the fleeces through the British Wool Board and have to deliver them to a collection point at Melton Mowbray where it is sold on, generally for use in the production of carpets.

Come and see our COOL sheep!

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