Farm update!


Over the past year quite a lot has changed on the farm. We have slowly reduced the numbers of our sheep and increased our herd of Hereford cattle. At present we have no sheep on the farm but may be buying a small flock in the near future to help with the grazing! We are up to around 50 Herefords now, so far this year we have had 20 calves, we have 10 more to calve in June time. We have a very handsome bull called ‘Magic’, he is out in the field with the main herd at the moment. They are a very placid breed and seem to become one big family when all together. They live outside for most of the year apart from in the worst of the winter if the ground is really wet or we have them in for calving.

There is plenty of wildlife around Rural Roosts and the surrounding farmland, from Barn Owls to Badgers, kestrels to foxes. We have kingfishers often spotted on both lakes, we have a bird hide overlooking a field with a small lake – this is a hive of activity at the moment with a variety of geese, goslings hatching, Oyster Catchers and Little Egrets.

You can often see our donkey Coco and our pony Rosie (who is now about 26 years old!) grazing near the farmhouse. They always love a carrot or an apple if guests have any to spare!
You can get up close to the animals and learn more about the stock and wildlife on our farm by taking a Farm Tour with Tim during your stay in our self catering properties. If you would like to check any availability, please click on the following link which will take you through to the correct page on our website CHECK AVAILBILITY