Fish Netting on the Lake

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Once again the Rural Roosts Team have made the most of the opportunity the winter weather represents by undertaking further specialist fisheries management initiatives, under the guidance of our professional Fisheries Consultant.

This year (December 2014) we have focussed our attentions on the excellent Lodge Lake, aiming to once again improve this pretty little fishery.  To date our work has included a full and extensive survey of the lake, which provides us with the vital information we need in order to make your fishing, and your stay with us, the best it possibly can!

The survey included a full-scale netting operation which saw huge stocks of common/mirror carp, common bream, roach and rudd along with numerous other species as well as a few surprises such as a 3lb+ goldfish!

Lodge Lake was found to hold superb stocks of most native British species with a good mix of sizes offering excellent angling opportunities for both the novice and angling expert alike.  The total netting haul made in Lodge Lake weighed well in excess of 1/3 a tonne.

Both the Specimen Lake and the Lodge Lake have also had an additional stock of fish introduced to further enhance your angling experience.  In the Specimen Lake, an additional 40 large carp have been added.  A generous consignment of sizable common bream, roach and smaller carp will also be introduced into the Lodge Lake over the winter.

Under the expert guidance of our consultant, our fisheries have continued to see a tremendous improvement in both the quality and quantity in the recreational angling opportunities we offer our customers.  We continue in our endeavour to provide you with the best possible angling experience during your stay with us here at Rural Roosts.