Fishing at Rural Roosts just got better!

During the winter of 2013/14 the lakes here at Rural Roosts have been the subject of a fisheries management make-over!

In order to get the maximum potential from our exciting fisheries we have employed the services of a professional fisheries consultancy, who have carried out extensive surveys on both our lakes to provide specialist advice on our stocks, the lakes status, and their future management.

The findings were outstanding. On the smaller Cabin Lake the findings concluded nearly 3 times the weight of fish present in our lake than in a Class A river fishery!

The Cabin Lake was found to hold excellent stocks of roach, rudd, common bream, tench and perch, all of mixed sizes with many approaching specimen weights. Common and mirror carp were also very well represented with well over 100 large carp being captured.

As many of our anglers know, our lakes are also home to some very impressive ornamental carp species which were also recorded at some impressive sizes during the survey.

Our larger Specimen Lake was also surveyed, using both large 300m long nets, specialist high voltage electric fishing equipment and cutting edge sonar technology. As the name of the lake would suggest, the survey concluded that there were indeed some large specimen carp within this deep and enigmatic lake, as well as sizable bream, tench and roach.

To further boost our stocks we have also undertaken a generous restocking initiative, introducing a further 58 large carp into the fishery. We plan to continue to manage both our lakes and their fish stocks under the expert guidance of our consultant, in order to bring our customers the best possible angling experience, helping to provide you with lifelong happy memories of your fishing holiday with us here at Rural Roosts.

Note that all fishing at Rural Roosts is inclusive, the Reservoir (Specimen Lake) can be fished from dawn to dusk . Read more about fishing holidays at Rural Roosts here.