Lincolnshire Day

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Lincolnshire Day – Wednesday 1st October 2014 


If you’re staying at Rural Roosts at the end of September into October, you’re in luck!

The county of Lincolnshire celebrates ‘Lincolnshire Day’ (1st October every year) with events, flying the Lincolnshire flag through the streets and even dressing in yellow, reflecting the Lincolnshire locals’ nickname of ‘Yellow-bellies’.

The Lincolnshire Day annual event celebrates all things Lincolnshire and brings the traditions, history and culture of the county to life.  Some of Lincolnshire’s many traditions include Plum Bread, Lincolnshire sausages, Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire Poacher cheese, the RAF Red Arrows and many famous people from Lincolnshire including Isaac Newton, Alfred Lord Tennyson and George Boole.

It’s a great time to visit the county and to take the opportunity to find out more about Lincoln and Lincolnshire.  Many attractions and activities will be free on the day, see the Visit Lincoln site.

Visitors are invited to Lincolnshire to experience its culture and to take advantage of free attractions and activities.  Special offers are available during Lincolnshire Day at visitor attractions, tourism businesses (free bus tours of Lincoln!), pubs, restaurants, farm shops and accommodation providers.

Take advantage of this great time to be in Lincolnshire and book your stay with us for 1st October 2014!