Lodge Lake Survey Summary 2016

Following the New Year our Rural Roosts Team wasted no time in commissioning the continued guidance and expertise of our professional Fisheries Consultant.  This important work is undertaken every year in order to monitor, manage and improve your angling experience during your stay with us. Once again work has focussed on our Lodge Lake, comprising a full and comprehensive survey of the fishery.   The results from this, and previous surveys, provide an informed and scientific basis for the continued professional management of our lakes. A 3 haul netting operation was performed on our Lodge Lake, which revealed excellent stocks of quality common and mirror carp, an increase in the numbers and size of our common bream, and generous numbers of roach and  rudd, as well as several other species. Following customer concerns over excessive numbers of predatory pike, we instructed our consultant to remove any pike that were captured during the survey. The survey concluded a total fish biomass of over 75gms/, which stands at nearly twice the national maximum stock density for a fishery of this type! Following previous management initiatives, it was noted that our common bream community is thriving, with an overall increase in the size and numbers of fish.  The catch records concluded several bream that were in excess of 6lbs. Both our lakes here at Rural Roosts continue to offer some of the finest angling opportunities to our guests, and continue to flourish thanks to a sustained and consistent regime of professional management.

We are thrilled to offer you access to these lakes which we believe will provide you with many successful and happy angling experiences during your stay with us here at Rural Roosts. Tight Lines!!

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