Star gazing at Rural Roosts

One thing that often takes our guests by surprise is the beautiful night skies they get to see. With no streetlights or big roads there’s nothing to take the attention away from the stars. For some of our guests it’s the first time they’ve looked at a night sky properly. Other guests, who already have an interest in the subject, enjoy taking the opportunity to explore the hobby far away from the light pollution which blights many areas.

Each lodge has its own outdoor seating area, which provides a great place to watch the stars from (keen amateur astronomers could even set up their telescope there! For the rest of us, there’s no need of one, a pair of binoculars or just your eyes will do!) Wrap up warm in the winter, with a hot flask of tea or coffee, or make the most of mild summer nights. Guests staying in Swan Lodge and Barn Owl Cottage can relax in the hot tub and stargaze from there!

If you’ve got a visit booked, take the opportunity to get to know our nigh skies in a bit more details. Check out this page here for info on seasonal constellation changes and more, or this page which has a guide to meteor showers and other events in 2013. There’s also a group which organises styargazing events for the public in the area.