Winter Wonderland!

snow covered lodges

The last week has been interesting, very challenging, and at times just beautiful! The snow started with us on Tuesday, by Wednesday we had had at least 4 inches and all local schools were cancelled. The snow continued throughout the day and here in our small village of Stainfield, the local roads became impassible at times. Tim had to come to the rescue on several occasions, helping people who had got stuck in the snow, also doing a trip to the shop for those who couldn’t get through. We had some guests arrive on the Wednesday who couldn’t depart on Friday due to the weather, so needed to stay an extra night, other guests had to postpone weekend as they were unable to get through. Some guests did make it on the Friday and were able to enjoy a very snowy Rural Roosts!

The main challenge for us has been keeping the animals fed and watered, with the icy wind and snow, the water troughs both in the fields and in the shed have been getting constantly frozen so many trips have been made back and forwards with boiling kettles and flasks of hot water! We had 2 new arrivals during last week, two little bull calves were born (luckily in the shed!), both calves are doing great.

Now here we are on Monday morning, doing the changeovers and the snow has nearly gone! The sun is out and its actually quite warm….the last few days are starting to feel like a dream! Hopefully, spring is on the way…we have a few lodges still available for short breaks and weekly holidays during March and April, it can be a lovely time of year to come as everything is starting to green up and the bulbs and blossom begin to appear. We offer special discounts for any last minute availability within the next 2 weeks, so if you fancy escaping to the countryside, recharging your batteries and enjoying a relaxing retreat, please check out our latest availability by clicking the following link AVAILABILITY

We hope to welcome you to Rural Roosts soon!